Sex with Nick normally was rough and oh holy hell wonderful. Kelly fell into it with enthusiasm, giving as good as he got and taking more when Nick held him down.

Sex with Nick after the destruction and chaos of a successful job was ruthless and claiming and bruising and please god more. It was bite marks and split lips and finger bruises and contorted limbs. It was teeth on sweat-slick skin and fingernails slicing across heaving ribs. It was harder and faster and growled commands and rough palms pinning Kelly’s neck to the floor or the wall or whatever surface Nick flung him against. It was rugburns on cheekbones and kneecaps. It was bruises in the shapes of sharp corners that were ignored in favor of the endorphins. It was torn clothes and I’ll buy you a new one. It was fingers digging into the constellations of freckles and exploding stars across pale skin. It was universes spun under bones and flung into the walls. It was higher than the moon and darker than space. It was fire climbing muscle and flesh.

Kelly hissed and dug his nails into the bedsheets, tearing them as Nick’s teeth sank into the tender flesh of his neck. Nick growled around Kelly’s skin and his arm tightened around Kelly’s waist as he came. His weight forced Kelly flat on the bed, his body blanketing Kelly’s in a tangle of limbs and gasping breaths.

Nick kissed the stinging skin of Kelly’s neck. He made no move to pull out as he kissed across the back of Kelly’s neck and the bumps of his upper spine. Kelly closed his eyes and smiled, relishing Nick’s rare and wonderful moments of tenderness. His lover was ruthless and chaotic and demanding, but Kelly—and only Kelly—was privy to Nick’s gentler side. Kelly’s body ached and burned all over but Nick’s fingertips trailing down his sides and his lips pressing to heated skin trumped all other sensation.

“Fucking love you, you crazy bastard,” Nick whispered against Kelly’s skin.

Kelly hummed. “That’s rich coming from you.”

Nick nipped the back of Kelly’s neck as he finally pulled out and rolled off Kelly’s back. Kelly groaned at the loss and the sudden coolness across his sweaty back. He pushed up on his elbows and watched Nick pad around the room, muscles sliding under flushed and scarred skin. He smirked at the bite marks on Nick’s neck and chest.

“I got you a few times.”

Nick straightened, eyes narrowed as his gaze raked up and down Kelly’s naked body. “I got you more.”

Kelly dragged his teeth over his lower lip and rolled to his back, wincing when clawed skin met cold sheets.

Nick leaned over and kissed him, using his tongue and teeth to bruise Kelly’s lips. He sucked Kelly’s lower lip until Kelly gasped then pulled away with a smile that split the line between sinful and chilling. He strolled away, disappearing into the bathroom. Moments later, the shower turned on, the gentle hum of water soothing to Kelly’s ears.

Kelly closed his eyes, exhaustion seeping through his body in the wake of the adrenaline high from the robbery and the endorphin high from the sex. “Television on,” he said into the air.

The room filled with the melodic voices of The Corporation News. He idly listened to both the shower running and the cycle through the weather (always balmy and beautiful thanks to controlled superdomes), the financial report (the rich are still rich and the poor are still rolling in filth), and the brief sports announcement (Kelly didn’t give a rats ass about fucking golf).

The Corporation’s primary bank was hit by terrorists today.

Kelly grinned without opening his eyes. “Hey, babe! We’re terrorists!”

Nick’s laugh echoed off the tiles.

Kelly rolled up to a sit and stretched, groaning at the aches in his muscles he’d be feeling for days. He watched replayed footage of the bank blowing up. He enjoyed these replays since he never got to see the explosions from the outside.

“Goddamn, those are pretty,” Nick’s voice rolled over Kelly’s still-naked body.

Kelly smiled at him. “Just for you.”

A sickening crunch pulled his attention back to the screen. They watched as the massive building, weakened by fire and explosions, collapsed into rubble and plumes of smoke and fire.

The bed dipped as Nick slid into it and pressed to Kelly’s back. His lips and teeth dragged across Kelly’s shoulder and up his neck as the building burned on the screen in front of them.

“I want to make another one explode,” Kelly whispered as Nick’s teeth bit his earlobe enough to make Kelly’s final word end on a hiss.

“We can blow up as many buildings as you want, babe,” Nick murmured. “An entire superdome.”

Kelly turned his face enough to meet Nick’s lips. “The Corporation’s primary superdome. The one that controls everyone. I want to burn it to the ground.”

Nick smiled against his lips. “Done.”

"Damn, we could’ve been in love."

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w h e n  t h e  d a r k n e s s  t a k e s  o v e r                                 y o u r  t o u c h  w i l l  b e  m y  c o l o r
"A book is always worth losing sleep for."

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I love how, after Derek’s romantic history with psychopathic killers, Jeff’s solution is 


I’ll pair him with someone who kills for /MONEY/


do you ever just kinda wonder what your selling point as a human being or friend is? like, what was the point at which people were like: hey, I’ll keep this human

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